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New Shoreham Church
See XXVII., S. A. C., p. 76.

The munificent aid rendered by Mr. DYER-EDWARDES towards the restoration of New Shoreham Church is stated, on the above page, to have been a stone pulpit and 100 ; a statement which falls considerably short of the final aggregate of this gentleman's contributions to the good work, as will appear from the figures below -


 Towards renovation of East end of Church .   



 For restoration of Interior and North windows . .   



 Stone pulpit, &c.   



 Restoration of South windows, &c. . .   





And, since the enumeration of these items, it has come to my knowledge that Mr. Edwardes has, by an additional donation of the requisite sum, raised the amount of his bounty to 2,000.
It is but just that such rare liberality should find a permanent record in these volumes, and I beg therefore to make this addition to Mr. Green's former statement of it.


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