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12 Edward IV.   1472   Peter Veske   Richard Farnefold     He married Barbara, second daughter of Sir Richard Blount, of Maple.lurham, Oxon, Knt., Lieutenant of the Tower of London, by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Lyster, Lord Chief Justice, King's Bench. Francis Shirley died March 1577, seized of Boddington, Howe Court, and West Grinstead in Sussex, and of Hatherley in Somerset ; and left a son, Thomas, then 22 years of age. He was buried at West Grinstead, 24th March, 1577, by the side of his wife, Barbara, who pre-deceased him and was buried 28th February, 1563, both burials being recorded in the Registers.   (Shirley Stemmata.).  
17   11   1477-8 Peter Veske   John Cookson.        
From 22 Edward IV. (1482-3) to 14 Henry VIII. (1523) no returns for Shoreham have been found and it is possible that, during that period the town was not represented.    
21 Henry VIII.   1529   John Covert   John Mitchell          
John Covert was the elder son of Richard Covert by his fourth wife, Blanche, daughter of John Vaughan of Burgenne, Esq. Fined for Knighthood in 1533.   He sat for the County in 1553 and was Sheriff of Sussex in 1555. He is said, in the Visitation.. to have " commanded at the siege of Bullen," 1544 He married (first) Elizabeth, daughter of John Cooke of Rustington, and had by her, Richard and William (and second) Ann Beard of Cowfold..    
  4&. 5 Philip and

  Anthony Hussey
  Richard Baker
  1 Elizabeth
  Richard Lestrange
  Nicholas M(yn ?)
Henry Knowles, Esq.
  Nicholas Myn
37 Henry VIII.
  John Gates Henry Gates
  13 1571
  William Dix
  John Bowles
    (No returns for this Parliament have been found.   The above names are given by Browne Willis in " Notitia Parliamentaria" )  
1 Edward VI.
  William Fewyllames, Anthony Bourchier
or Fitzwilliams  
  14 Elizabeth   1572   Edward Lewkenor,   Edward Fenner, Esq. Esq.  
  Master John Fowler, Master Thomas
  one of the King's Harvey, Esq.
  Sir Edward Lewkenor, of Kingston-Bowsey (Kingston-by-Sea.),. Sussex and Denham Hall, Suffolk. Aged 11, on the death of his father (Inq. P.M.) who was Groom Porter to Edward VI. and died in the Tower 25th June, 1556 (Machin's Diary) but whose four sons and six daughters were restored in Blood. Sir Edward married Susan, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Hyham, of Hyham Hall, Suffolk.   "Funeral verses on the death of Sir Edward (19th September, 1605) and Lady Susan, his wife, and death's apology and a rejoynder to the same " were printed in 1606.
Majestic's Privy  
  1 Mary
  Thomas Roper, Esq. Thomas Elderington,
1554 Leonard West, Esq. William Modye, gent.  
  1 & 2 Philip
  Simon Lowe, "

  of the William Modye, gent.
  & Mary
  eytie of London, gent."
  2&3 „
  Francis Shirley, Esq. Thomas Huggen, Esq.
Francis Shirley was son of Sir Thomas Shirley of West Grinstead (second son of Ralph Shirley, of Wiston, who died 1545), by his wife, Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Marmaduko Georges alias Russell, of Gloucestershire. The Manor of West Grinstead was granted to him in 1549 on the attainder of Thomas. Seymour, Baron Seymour of Sudley, to whom it had been granted in fee farm in the first year of Edward VI. He was Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex in 1574.   Little else has been preserved concerning him, but it appears in Edward the VI.'s reign he had a difficulty with Lord la Warre concerning certain land called Estcourt, said to be parcel of the Manor of Kneppe, but really belonging io West Grinstead.   In the reign of Elizabeth we find him Lessee of the " Chappil House or Seller " on the south side of Bramber Bridge, with the land adjoining, granted to him by the College of St. Mary Magdalene at Oxford, for a term of 50 years.  
  27 Elizabeth

  28 1

  30 & 31 „

  1588 &

  William Necton, Esq.
  Thomas Fenner, gent.

  John Yonge, gent.

  (John) Yonge, gent.
  Herbert Morley, Esq.
  John Yonge, Esq.
  John Morley, Esq.
Robert Bristowe, Esq
  1 James I.
  Sir Bernard Whit-
  Sir Hugh Beeston,
  stones, Knt., of
            Hangleton. Sx.          
  12   1614   Sir Charles Howard,   Thomas Shelley, Esq. Knt.  
  No returns for this Parliament have been found. The names given are from a list found among the Duke of Manchester's papers. Browne Willis in his "Notitia Parliamentaria " gives the names of John Morley, Knt., and Hugh Beeston, Knt.
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